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These are very very nice. I completed them in late January 2002. Again, sorry about the pictures. The finish is Krylon faux stone stuff. I actually did these and decided to make the Paraglows match. I installed the cheap Michael Percy spike feet before I did the finish. These have the updated crossovers. I built the crossovers on peg board that is bolted to the bottoms and sides. The bolts were installed before I did the finish as well. The boards are attached with washers and nuts. I made the cat hair shields (aka grills) from wood and parts from Madisound.

I currently have my speakers bi-wired. A while back, I made some nice jumpers with Doc's magnet wire and tried them for a few weeks. After that, I tried the bi-wiring again and liked it better. With the jumpers, cymbals had no body or sustain. I don't understand why the jumpers didn't sound as good but to me, it was quite a difference.