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The SE-6V6 Guitar Amplifier is a single-ended guitar amplifier that uses a 6V6GT power tube, a 12AX7 tube for the preamp and driver and a 5Y3 tube rectifier. The circuit is based on the Fender tweed "Champ" model 5E1 from the late 1950's. I added a standby switch, polarity switch, single point ground, isolated input and output jacks, EIC power receptacle and a few other goodies. The cabinet is handmade using nice hardwood (shown in Bubinga) and a Spanish Cedar speaker baffle.

This amp is great for jazz and blues. Cranked up, it is a great for rock. Because of its low power (4.5W), you can turn it up without losing your hearing. It is great as a practice amp or for small gigs or recording. The SE-6V6 is very sensitive to your playing and thus can be very expressive.

I built a few versions of this amplifier:
  • Spraque or Solen (shown) power supply capacitors
  • Spraque or Vishay (shown) cathode bypass capacitors
  • Mallory or Auricap (shown) coupling capacitors
  • Carbon composition or metal film (Vishay) and NIWW (Vishay) resistors (shown)
  • Electro Harmonix 6V6GT, 12AX7 and Sovtek 5Y3GT. I also tried Ruby and JJ tubes. My preference is the EH.
Power: 4.5W
Tubes: 1: 6V6GT, 1: 12AX7, 1: 5Y3
Inputs: 2
Output Impedance: 3.2 Ohms
Speaker: Jensen P10R - 10", 25 Watt, AlNiCo magnet
Cabinet: Bubinga and Spanish Cedar (for the speaker baffle)