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This page contains a list of current releases from Begging Dog Records. Music downloads are available from my band camp website.

Upcoming releases

(BD13) The Bastard Sons of Mr. Clean - s/t

New studio recordings from Kevin's 2012 instrumental progressive rock band. 12 tracks
Tracks: Dependable Joe, Not Blues, Religion and Philosophy, Ominous, Eulogy

Currently Available

Kevin Walker - The Sludge Guppies

(BD12) Kevin Walker - The Sludge Guppies

New studio recording of the songs Kevin wrote with The Sludge Guppies in the early 2000's 12 songs
Tracks: Pinned, Cher is Scary, Time Slides, Used, A Long Time Ago, America, Crawling, Land of the Latte, Blue, Insight, Invisible, Shadows

Kevin Walker - Rob's Drums

(BD11) Kevin Walker - Rob's Drums

instrumental album in the works. 3 tracks
Tracks: One, Two, Four

Kevin Walker - Cows

(BD10) Kevin Walker - Cows

The infamous Cows song by Kevin Walker on a CD single. 3 songs.
Tracks: Cows, Jerry Springer, Time Slides

Kevin Walker - Bored

(BD9) Kevin Walker - Bored

Improvised solo electric guitar crap.

(BD8) Kevin Walker - Jazz on a Budget

never completed jazz album.

Without Warning - Mortal Sin and Warlord Demos

(BD7) Without Warning - Warlord and Mortal Sin Demos

Compilation of Mortal Sin and Without Warning demos recorded in 1981 and 1982/1984 respectively. This is HEAVY METAL dude. Here's a review by by Gabriel Lilliehook of GL-productions, Sweden.

Mortal Sin and Warlord Demos Time to step into the time machine to the early 80s with a compilation of 3 NWOBHM inspired bands from the San Diego area that was pretty short lived. First up is Mortal Sin a band that formed in 1981 and remained as a band for 3 years up to their breakup 1984 and the first 6 tracks is from a demo the band did in 1982 and 1984, this is fine early US heavy metal with influences raging from Angelwitch, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Witchfynde. The next band is Without Warning a band that formed in 1980 that also went under the moniker Warlord lasted for only a year and managed to squeeze out a 2 track demo the same year + a practice session that is also included here from late 80. Without Warning is more heavy doom laden sounding it sounds a bit like the first demo Angelwitch did in 1979 but not as powerful, I also find some influences of Blitzkrieg and early Raven. For all you fans of the British early 80s metal boom here is a perfect compilation to investigate in.

Tracks: Heaven is Waiting, Into the Other World, Nightmare, Demons of Dark, Giving In, Destiny, To Die, To The Depths of Hades, Revelations, Without Warning, Satan's Cross, Messiah, Eternal Dark, The Supermen

Kevin Walker - Perfecting the Image (Volume 2)

(BD6) Kevin Walker - Perfecting the Image (Volume 2)

Compilation of Kevin Walker's solo recordings and other unreleased stuff (volume 2).
Tracks: Loop, Requiem for MSQ-700, Baby Lemonade, Spring Cleaning in the Monastary, Follow, John, I'm Only Dancing, Second Coming, She Said, She Said, No Good Trying (Live), Waiting for the Man (Live), Spring is Here (Live), Spare Change (Live), Requiem II (Live), Gateway, Contest, Will You Ever Know?, K.W. Chants, Lie Awake

Kevin Walker - Perfecting the Image

(BD5) Kevin Walker - Perfecting the Image

Compilation of Kevin Walker's solo recordings and other unreleased stuff.
Tracks: Journey, Construction of Flower Churches, Ceremony, Defrost Me, Spare Change, The Happy Song, Romeo, The Window, Words, A Shattered Glass, Waves, Look Around, Images, Empty Rooms, Endless Clouds, Intro to Concerto in Sol Minore "L'Estate", Without Warning, Skies, Jungle Documentary

Big Richard - Surreal Headache

(BD4) Big Richard - Surreal Headache

The third and final Big Richard album (recorded in 1997).
Tracks: Without You in the Way, Harmony, Burn Out, Hope, All That Matters, New Day, Tank, Just to Breathe, Surreal Headache, New Dawn Fades, Not Interested, Fade Away

Big Richard - Plan

(BD3) Big Richard - Plan

The second Big Richard album (recorded in 1995, remastered and reissued in 2001).
Tracks: Slam Dancing with Deer on the Freeway, Intermission, Gone Gone Gone, Crash, Reality Check, Ballad, Waiting for the Man, Hotel Room, Never..., Plan, Falling off Your World, For You and for Me

Big Richard - S/T

(BD2) Big Richard - Big Richard

The first Big Richard album (recorded in 1991).
Tracks: Manic Gods, One Thread, Bridges are Burning, Winding, Always Looking for Something, Rolling, The Secluded Place, All in a Lifetime, The Lord God President Groove, Waiting for the Time, Unborn, Veil of Illusion, Drowning in the Sand, Media

Kevin Walker - Violent New Age

(BD1) Kevin Walker - Violent New Age

Kevin Walker's first solo album (recorded in 1988).
Tracks: Waiting, Genesis, Semblance, Savage, Aliens, Lagu Chondong, Premonition, Violent New Age